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Ricoh -Advantage of Colour

The Advantage of Colour Copiers and Printers

COLOUR CREATES a strong response that has measurable results! Adding affordable colour to your office documents can achieve significant results in greater sales and more efficient communications. (Pantone Corporation)

Extensive research confirms the impact and effectiveness of colour usage in Documents.

• 14% Increase in worker comprehension with colour documents.

• 39% Increase in visual scanning ability with colour.

Decision Making speed increased by 70%, plus there was almost an 80% improvement in reader recognition with colour. (Bureau of Advertising).

Colour Adds Professionalism: Every company competes for mind share & customer satisfaction. Producing communications to your most important customers with convenience and professionalism. Adding colour to your presentations and direct mail captures your Readers attention and reduces rejection rates! (Imaging News)

Colour also enforces the “important information to be read, remembered and acted upon”. Attention span and recall can be increased dramatically by using colour. The result is a decrease in the efficiencies caused by error and confusion.